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  • What Restoration Companies Can Tell You about Water Damage

    What do restoration companies really want me to know about water damage?

    Restoration CompaniesRestoration companies are in the business of putting homes and lives back together after catastrophic events. These events often include water and water damage. Even when there’s a small amount of water, it can cause enormous damage and can disrupt your life significantly. Before you try to tackle water cleanup yourself, here’s what restoration companies will tell you about water damage.

    Where Is the Water Coming From?

    Water can get into areas it doesn’t belong in a number of ways. It can be something as simple as a leaky pipe under a bathroom sink that goes unnoticed until there is a substantial amount of water under a cabinet, under the floor, or leaking through a ceiling.

    Water can also come from appliances that leak or have a malfunction that causes a sudden flooding of an area in your home. A common cause of residential flooding is Mother Nature combined with a cracked foundation or a leaky roof, holes in siding or windows that aren’t sealed properly.

    What Can Water Really Do?

    No matter where the water is coming from, the minute you realize you have a problem you need to take action. Water will soak through flooring, degrade drywall, breakdown the fabric of upholstery, rust appliances and damage the motors, ruin electronics, and cause wood support structures to crack and warp. All of that doesn’t even include secondary damage like mold, bacteria growth, and the distribution of toxins and pollutants throughout the house carried by the water and moisture. All of this damage can be reduced by quick action and immediate attention with water extraction and drying as quickly as possible.

    What Are the Restoration Priorities?

    Every step of the restoration process is important, but there are some areas that are the top priorities that will be handled first before anything else. One of these priorities is water extraction. Getting the water out fast is your best chance at successful recovery. The longer the water sits, the more damage it can do to your property and your belongings.

    The next priority is drying the area properly. Pumping out the water is just the first step. Making sure the area, and the rest of the home, are free from water and excess moisture is just as important. If any areas are left untreated with even small amounts of water or moisture left behind, you can have a problem on your hands. This is nearly as damaging as a lot of water left behind. The excess moisture will do damage, including promoting mold and mildew growth.

    What Does the Water Restoration Process Consist Of?

    Restoration companies aren’t trying to keep their processes a secret. In fact, when their clients have an understanding of what is necessary during water damage cleanup, it actually can make their jobs easier. It takes the mystery out of it and helps bring them into the big picture. Here’s a rundown of some of the basics steps that go along with water restoration:

    Can I DIY Any of the Cleanup and Restoration?

    When it comes to water damage in your house, the only thing you should do yourself is pick up the phone and call in the pros. While you take care of emotional recovery after the event, the trained and certified technicians will take care of the recovery of your home and your belongings and get you back to your life as quickly as possible.

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