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  • 5 Misconceptions about Fire Damage from Georgia Fire Restoration Companies

    What would Georgia fire restoration companies say about this list?

    Georgia Fire Restoration CompaniesGeorgia fire restoration companies are in business for a reason. If your home is damaged by fire, they’re the ones to call. The hard part is that not everyone knows this to be true. There are a lot of common misconceptions when it comes to fire damage restoration. Here are just 5 of them:

    Fire Restoration Misconception #1: Timing Doesn’t Matter

    A lot of people assume once the fire is out, the urgency is gone. This couldn’t be further from the truth. When it comes to damage cleanup after a fire, the need is immediate. There are 2 things that can’t wait:

    1. Water extraction
    2. Smoke and soot cleanup

    The longer either of these remain untreated, the more damage that can be done.

    Fire Restoration Misconception #2: Water Isn’t a Primary Concern

    When fighting a fire, emergency responders use an enormous amount of water to extinguish the flames. Even in a small fire, damage from the water or fire extinguisher can be extensive. It isn’t just the damage from the flames that can devastate a home, but also the damage from the water.

    Water can move to all areas of your house, visible and not visible, and can break down or damage the structural elements, can destroy appliances and flooring, and can cause mold to take hold. Water is a huge concern when it comes to restoration of a home after a fire.

    Fire Misconception #3: The Smoke Odor Is Here to Stay

    There is nothing quite like the smell of a house fire. The smoke and soot have a distinct and pungent odor that can linger indefinitely. When restoration is not done properly, you might think you’re going to live with that smell forever, or tear down your house and start over just to get rid of it.

    Fire restoration companies that know what they’re doing can tackle the smoke and soot and get rid of the smell. With the right tools, products, experience, and training, the smoke odor can be gone before you move back in.

    Fire Misconception #4: Damaged Items Can’t Be Repaired

    Although it can sometimes seem like it’s easier to just toss and replace items that are damaged in a fire, it’s often much easier and less expensive to repair and restore items than to replace them with something new.

    Restoration technology has come a long way and many items that used to require disposal now can be repaired and restored to like-new condition. In addition to fixing anything that is broken, torn, or damaged, it’s possible to remove the soot and smoke residue as well as get rid of the odor and even any mold damage as a result of water exposure.

    Fire Misconception #5: You Can Do It Yourself

    Georgia Fire Restoration CompaniesIt’s always tempting to want to try to repair and restore your home yourself after an event such as a fire, but there are some really great reasons why you shouldn’t:

    Unless you’ve been through a fire in your home, it’s hard to understand what follows when it comes to cleanup and repair. Misconceptions abound, but getting the right information can help you get the professional assistance you need to get back in your home.

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