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  • Sleeping With the Enemy: How to Recognize Black Mold Symptoms

    Headache. Woman suffering from head pain isolated.Black mold symptoms and your family: a dangerous combination.

    Imagine you installed a new dishwasher. A couple of months go by, it’s humming along, just as it should, and then you open a rarely used lower cabinet, and there it is. Black mold. Turns out that dishwasher was slowly leaking behind your cabinets this whole time, putting water under your flooring, up into your cabinets, and into the drywall of the wall behind it. When you have sitting water and limited air circulation you get mold, and it is nasty, toxic, dangerous stuff.

    Black mold could be lingering in your home for months without you seeing it. But could you be feeling black mold symptoms before the mold is visible? Knowing how to recognize black mold symptoms can help you identify the signs that there’s something going on in your home.

    Black mold symptoms can start with issues that might seem like a common cold or even the flu. These include:

    If exposed to black mold for extended periods of time, more severe black mold symptoms can arise. These include:

    Because the mycotoxins that black mold produces can affect the neurons in the brain, there are other black mold symptoms that you need to be aware of that are far worse and much more serious. These include:

    If you are experiencing any of these black mold symptoms do not hesitate to call in a professional and have your home tested for mold. Mold is dangerous and toxic and can colonize in areas of your home you can’t even see.

    For the local leader in mold testing and mitigation, contact the caring experts at Can-Restore to ensure any black mold symptoms you might be feeling can be eradicated, or to ensure you don’t ever have to deal with any of the horrible black mold symptoms in the future.

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