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  • 6 Unexpected Reasons You Could Need Mold Abatement Services

    mold abatement servicesAre you sure you don’t need mold abatement services?

    Mold is not good, and you don’t want it in your home, which is why the thought of needing mold abatement services can be a bit alarming. It’s hard to imagine having mold in our homes if we can’t see it, but there are many unexpected reasons you could be surprised by the presence of mold. Here are just 6 of them.

    Unexpected Reason #1: Leaky Chimneys

    If your chimney has faulty flashing, precipitation and moisture can get into your chimney and into the crevices where moisture, dust, dirt, and debris can collect and mold can start to grow. When it’s hidden in the chimney it can be all but impossible to detect without a mold inspection and air quality testing.

    Unexpected Reason #2: Drip Trays in Refrigerators

    How often do you move your refrigerator to clean under it? Never? That’s pretty average for most people, yet under the fridge is an ideal place for mold to grow, especially if you have a drip tray from a water line for ice or water dispensers.

    Mold can start to grow in the drip tray where there’s moisture and dust and dirt and then it can spread to areas around the tray including around and under the cabinets and even the flooring.

    Unexpected Reason #3: Behind Window Coverings

    This is especially true in older homes without double pane windows and leak-resistant sealing. The moisture from precipitation can leak through the panes and condensation from the warm air inside and the cold air outside can create a moist environment that’s perfect for mold to take hold. Once it’s in the crevices and around the window it’s easy to spread to other areas nearby, including onto the window coverings themselves.

    Unexpected Reason #4: Swamp Coolers

    Though these types of cooling systems are more common in dryer climates, swamp coolers can be a mold manufacturing machine. With all of the warm air and moisture being passed through the fans, the inside of the equipment can be lined with mold and mildew. And imagine how much of that is getting blown around when you turn the cooler off and on. An ideal mold spore spreading device.

    Unexpected Reason #5: Dehumidifier

    The whole point of a dehumidifier is to reduce the amount of moisture in the air in your home, but surprisingly, because it’s pulling in moisture, it can also be a surprising place to find mold. Mold can get trapped in the cooling coils when water or moisture accumulates there, especially if the coils are also dirty and dusty. Just the right nutrients for fast-growing mold.

    Unexpected Reason #6: The Dishwasher

    As an appliance that uses water to do its job it stands to reason that there may be residual moisture around and under it. The rubber seals around the door are the perfect hiding place for mold. It’s warm, moist, and often a little dirty. Plus, it’s often black so it’s hard to spot the mold.

    And if for some reason your dishwasher has a leak, even a small one, you could end up with a mess of mold under your dishwasher and into and under your cabinets. If it’s wet enough or if it colonizes enough it could even move under your flooring.

    Mold is gross and it grows quickly and easily and it can be really bad for your health and the health and well-being of your family. The best way to tell if you have mold is with a mold inspection and air quality testing. And if it turns out you do indeed have mold damage, you need to have specialists treat and mitigate the mold to get rid of it and keep it gone.

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