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  • 2 Reasons Mold Abatement is Your Link to Better Health

    Do you understand how mold abatement can affect your health?

    Mold AbatementWater cooler talk doesn’t usually include a lot of chit chat about mold abatement. But maybe it should. There is a lot about mold damage that most people aren’t aware of. Although mold has been getting more attention in recent years, the reality of the situation can be quite alarming when you first find out the facts.

    Mold spores occur in nature as an element of decay. It helps organic matter break down and decompose. It’s part of the life cycle of our natural world. When mold comes indoors, it’s another story altogether. Mold can enter your house through a variety of ways including windows, doors, vents, on pets, on people, on feet, and through air conditioning and heating systems.

    A few mold spores aren’t a problem. Mold becomes a problem when the spores settle on a warm, moist surface and begin to colonize. Most surfaces inside your home create an ideal environment for mold growth, and if there’s a leak or there’s been a flood, or any excess moisture that sits for long periods of time, you’ll find mold.

    Though most people are vaguely aware that mold is bad, the dangers and toxicities in mold aren’t common knowledge. That’s why we’ve put together this short list of the only 2 reasons you need to see why mold abatement and mold damage repair is your link to better health.

    1. Getting Rid of Common Mold Exposure Symptoms
      One reason to address the mold in your home is to get rid of the pesky symptoms that can go along with it. Even those that are only slightly sensitive to it can have some of these symptoms from mold exposure.Although they often resemble the common cold, the big difference is that mold symptoms last. And last. And last. Often leaving your house isn’t enough to get rid of the symptoms because the mold affects your system even after you’ve left the scene of the mold crime.Here are some of the common symptoms:

    Getting rid of the mold with professional mold abatement is the only sure way to improve these symptoms. If you act as soon as you notice these signs, your recovery will be quicker.

    1. Recover From Severe Mold Reactions
      Recovering from severe reactions to mold exposure can take time. The sooner you get the mold out of your house, the sooner that recovery can begin. Any mold in your living environment only exacerbates the symptoms and prolongs the health issues.Some of the more severe reactions to mold include:

    Most of these more severe symptoms are unknown to the average homeowner or renter. It’s not until they, or someone they know, experiences this type of mold sensitivity that they become aware of the consequences.

    Mold removal is the only way to get rid of these very serious health issues related to mold exposure.

    It’s easy to see the impact mold exposure can have on your health. It’s not only bad for your home and your belongings, it’s really bad for your health.

    If you feel like you might have mold in your home but you can’t find it or see it, you need a professional to test for it. And expert mold removal is the only option. Removing it yourself puts you and your health at risk for even greater exposure.

    Don’t hesitate when dealing with mold. Protect yourself and your health and contact Can-Restore for help with mold abatement by calling (770) 212-9775.