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  • Hold Onto Your Hats! Be Aware of the Storms That Cause Wind Damage

    Blue Ridge storms that cause wind damageI’ll get you my pretty, and your little dog too! Yes, it’s that windy. We all know about Dorothy and the tornado, but what about other types of storms? Wind can cause an enormous amount of damage to homes and property, but it’s not just tornados somewhere off in Kansas. Here’s what you need to know about the storms that cause wind damage.


    Most people understand the magnitude of the damage that can be done by tornados. They are scary and deadly and can pick up a house and chuck it across the countryside. Tornados are one of the most common storm types that cause the most wind damage.


    Another type of storm that causes an enormous amount of wind damage is a hurricane. With low barometric pressure and extremely high winds, hurricanes can be extremely destructive. With wind speeds from 74 to over 150 mph, no other storm type has the potential to cause as much wind damage as hurricanes.

    Tropical Storms

    A step down from a hurricane, a tropical storm has high winds that tend to move in a swirling motion, much like a hurricane. Though they aren’t as powerful as a hurricane, they tend to make landfall more often and therefore they can often cause as much wind damage.


    Wind damage from thunderstorms comes mainly from the straight line wind present in this type of storm. Not as powerful as a tropical storm, they’re still nothing to take lightly.

    There are many types of storms that cause wind damage, but only one way to address it once the storm has passed. Call a professional storm restoration company to help you deal with the aftermath of wind damage. For more information take a look at the Blue Ridge Can-Restore site and what they offer for your storm restoration.