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  • 4 Reasons to Look at Solutions for a Water Damaged Basement

    water damaged basementBasements are prone to moisture and flooding. There are wet basement solutions worth looking at.


    Faulty or misdirected gutters are a primary cause of a water damaged basement. Water that pours off the roof too close to the house can seep into the ground and the foundation causing a wet basement. Water damage basement solutions, in these cases, include rerouting the gutters so water falls at least 5 feet from the exterior walls and underground drain pipes to move water further away from the house.


    Waterproofing the walls is a relatively simple wet basement solution. Coating the walls with masonry waterproofing can prevent water from seeping through the foundation and creating a wet basement situation.


    If your wet basement is due to drainage issues, the wet basement solution could be more involved, and more expensive. From French Drains to drain tile systems, ensuring a dry basement can often be a huge investment.

    Plug Holes and Cracks

    If water is simply coming in through a hole or a crack and is not due to improper drainage, this can be easily fixed by plugging the holes or cracks. You can even DIY this wet basement solution by patching the cracks with hydraulic cement.

    Whatever method you determine is the best for addressing your wet basement issue, if you have water damage, call a professional to help you with cleanup.

    For more information or questions about wet basement solutions in Jasper, GA , call Can-Restore today.