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  • We’re Not in Kansas Anymore! Dealing with the Aftermath of Wind Damage

    aftermath of wind damage cumming gaThis time of year it’s common to have storms that can cause wind damage to your home. Even if you’re not in Kansas, the wind can whip up some damage and send you spinning, wondering what to do next.

    Here are some tips for dealing with the aftermath of wind damage.

    Roof and Siding Damage

    Take a look at your roof and your siding after a storm. The wind can cause damage that allows for the rain and water to seep into your home. Water damage seems like an unlikely result of wind, but indirectly the wind can cause major water damage inside your home.


    Fallen trees and branches are another common occurrence during a storm with high winds. Walk around your house if you have wind damage and assess the amount of damage from trees and branches. These can cause structural damage to the exterior of your home, but wind damage from falling trees can also affect the interior of your home. Check inside and out for damage.

    Steer Clear of the Power Lines

    Wind damage can often lead to downed power lines. Keep a safe distance if you see any lines down near or around your home. Call your local power company first before trying to deal with any wind damage that involves your power.

    While it might be easy for the average homeowner to assess the wind damage they can see after a storm, it’s important to leave the storm damage restoration to a professional. They are experts at dealing with water damage, fallen trees and damage from broken branches in the aftermath of a storm. If you have wind damage to your Cumming, GA home, call Can-Restore North today.