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  • Surprising But True Facts About Smoke Odor Removal

    Cumming GA facts about smoke ordor removalWhere there’s fire, there’s smoke, and where there’s smoke, there’s odor, and where there’s odor, you need smoke odor removal. Everyone knows what fire smoke smells like, and smoke from a house fire is nothing like the lovely smell of campfire smoke. Smoke odor from a house fire can seep into every nook and crack in your home and linger. And linger. And linger. Why? Here are some facts about smoke odor removal.

    What Is Smoke?

    Smoke is made up of particles of the fuel that is burned, gases, and water vapor, among other elements. It’s because of this that smoke odor lingers, because it moves like air but contains materials that settle and stick. Smoke odor removal helps unstick those particles.

    Smoke Is Toxic

    Because smoke contains so many chemicals, it is toxic, or at the very least, irritating. And not just from breathing it in. Smoke is corrosive and can damage your home and your belongings if not treated properly. Smoke odor outlasts most common methods of getting rid of it. Smoke odor removal should be part of any fire damage cleanup.

    Exposure Time Magnifies the Damage

    The longer a house is exposed to smoke, the worse the odor. The longer the fire burns, the longer the smoke has to seep into your home including behind walls and under flooring, into insulation and walls. It also permeates your belongings, especially fabrics and textiles. Smoke odor removal becomes more challenging, and more crucial, the longer the fire burned.

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