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  • 4 Ways Fire Damage Insurance Claims Are Easier Than You Think

    Blairsville fire damage insurance claimsDealing with insurance for any kind of claim can be a huge nightmare, but dealing with fire damage insurance can leave you feeling completely overwhelmed and out of your element.

    Relax! Here are 4 easy ways to manage fire damage insurance claims.

    1. Call Your Insurance Company

    Really. This is the first and most important step. Before you do anything else, call your insurance company and file a fire damage insurance claim. They will ask you a bunch of questions, you answer them, and the process is started. Easy peasy.

    2. Secure Your Property

    Your insurance claim could be voided if further damage occurs after the fire insurance claim has been filed. Prevent further damage by securing your property. A fire damage restoration company can guide you in this process.

    3. Inventory Your Property

    You must make a list of all of your property that was damaged during the fire. Be as detailed as you can. A description of each item, model and serial numbers if you have them, and an estimate of what it would cost you to replace that item today. This might be the hardest part of the fire insurance claims process. But it’s what will get you your money to replace and repair what was lost or damaged.

    4. Hire a Professional

    You generally don’t have to use a specific professional to deal with the fire damage after you file a fire insurance claim. You are responsible for getting the work done and, most often, you can hire whoever you want to do the repairs.

    When you do look for a reliable professional restoration company to handle the damage after your fire damage insurance claim, look no further than Can-Restore. Contact the Blairsville, GA Can-Restore today and talk to an expert.