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  • Manage Property Damage Repair With These Simple Steps

    Jasper Property damage repairProperty damage can come in all shapes and sizes, from fire and smoke to water and flood. With the summer storms coming in, water damage is a common theme. Did you know that the second most commonly filed type of insurance claim is for water damage?

    Heavy rains and flooding are common causes. When you need property damage repair, what do you do? How do you manage the process? Follow these simple steps.

    1. Contact Your Insurance Company

    To get the ball rolling on property damage repair, first call your insurance company and file a claim, if applicable.

    2. Find Temporary Housing, If Needed

    If your home has extensive damage, it’s not necessarily safe to stay there. Find temporary housing now to give you a sense of stability during the property damage repair process.

    3. Contact a Property Damage Repair Professional

    With 24-hour emergency response, a property damage repair company can come to your home immediately to assess the damage and give you an estimate of repairs, including time and cost.

    4. Know What to Expect

    Property damage repair from storm damage will often include:

    Knowing what steps to take to manage property damage repair is half the battle. For more information, check out the Jasper, GA Can-Restore and see what they offer to help you with your storm damage today.