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  • What Your Friends Can’t Tell You About Flood Damage Repair

    flood damage repair Jasper GAFlood damage happens, and it can happen to you. You may have already been the victim of some type of flooding and the resulting water damage. Many people think they know a lot about floods and flood damage repair, but here is information even your friends can’t tell you about flood damage repair.

    1. Flooding can happen in all 50 States, but is really common in the south.
    2. Flooding is the 2nd most common type of natural disaster, second only to wildfires.
    3. Flood damage can occur from as little as 2 inches of water in your home.
    4. Flood damage from as little as 2 inches of water can still be extensive and expensive.
    5. In a high-risk area you are more likely to have flood damage than you are to have fire damage.
    6. Nearly 25% of all flood damage insurance claims come from homeowners whose homes are outside of mapped high-risk flood areas.
    7. Floods can happen quickly, as in a flash flood, or slowly over time, from a leaky pipe or a crack in your foundation.
    8. The most common flooding happens from a river overflowing.
    9. Once the floodwaters recede, the flood damage to homes can include contamination from hazardous materials including chemicals, cleaning products, pesticides, fuel and even untreated sewage.
    10. Flood damage can be a nightmare.

    Ok, number ten might be something your friends can tell you about flood damage. The really important information about flood damage that you need to know, and that you can tell your friends, is that you need flood damage repair as quickly as possible. The longer water sits the more damage it can do. As soon as you realize your Jasper, GA home has flood damage, contact Can-Restore for your flood damage repair.