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  • Emergency Preparedness: Why Mold Damage is One of Your Biggest Concerns

    Are you ready ?Mold damage isn’t your biggest concern during an emergency. But it could be.

    When there’s a natural disaster such as a tornado, hurricane, or flood, water is a huge contributor to the damage after the fact. With floods from storm water and interior flooding from broken pipes or leaky foundations, mold damage becomes one of the biggest factors, and biggest risks, for your family when you return to your home. When you’re talking about emergency preparedness, don’t forget to think about mold damage.

    The Dangers of Mold

    Mold damage can not only create devastation to your home and your belongings, but there is a real danger to your health as well. It can cause a variety of health issues ranging from common allergies to severe respiratory response. After a flood or water damage from a storm, mold damage is a primary concern.

    Higher Risk Factors

    Mold damage can affect certain people more acutely than others. For people with compromised immune systems, severe allergies, asthma, or other respiratory ailments, mold damage can cause a response that could create a health emergency.

    Preventing Mold Growth

    After a flood the best way to prevent mold growth and mold damage is to get your home dried out as quickly as possible. Since mold growth can develop in less than 24 hours, this isn’t always possible, but if you can access your home, the sooner you get it dried out the better. Opening doors and windows, using fans for 5-7 days, pulling up carpeting and padding, and removing any questionable items is the best way to start.

    Some of this sounds overwhelming, and it can be. But if you’re creating an emergency preparedness plan, dealing with the aftermath of an emergency should be included in that plan. And mold damage is one of the primary concerns after water damage. When you’re creating your emergency plan, be sure to include the phone number for a reliable restoration company. After a storm they can come in with 24 hour emergency response to assess the situation and begin dealing with the damage, and this includes the mold damage.

    Get your home back on track after an emergency and prevent, or deal with, mold damage as quickly as possible.

    For quick and caring response and professional service, call Can-Restore at (770) 212-9775 to help you manage your mold damage after the storm.