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  • Why You Should Never Joke About Mold In Your House

    mold in your house Jasper GAEveryone has made jokes about mold on food, how the sandwich in the fridge is some type of science experiment. But the truth is mold is no laughing matter. And there are a few really good reasons you should never joke about mold in your house.

    Mold Damage to Your Home

    Mold grows in colonies and is usually the result of water damage, though mold can grow and multiply in the right warm and humid environment without actual standing water. Mold works in nature to help decay organic materials such as leaves. Mold in your house can destroy the structure of your home as well as your furnishings and your belongings as it does what it’s supposed to do and works to decay the natural materials it grows on.

    Mold Damage to Your Health

    Not only can mold in your house do material damage, it can create health issues in people who have long-term exposure to mold. Mold exposure can cause symptoms including headache, fatigue, memory loss, wheezing, and respiratory ailments that can become severe.

    Mold in a house can cause damage that is so extensive the home can be made uninhabitable. Additionally it can cause severe and sometimes even life-threatening health issues to those exposed to mold. It is nothing to joke about. It is something to take action on, however. Check out Can-Restore to learn more about mold damage and mold in Jasper, GA your home and how they can help you get rid of it.