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  • How Common is Water Damage in Blue Ridge, GA?

    water damage in blue ridge gaWater damage is an unfortunate risk in homeownership. And it can come from many places and for many reasons. Living in the south the likelihood of water damage is higher than for other areas of the country, but how common is water damage in Atlanta? Glad you asked.

    The Real Causes of Water Damage in Blue Ridge, GA

    There are many sources of water within a home, and external to a home, that can cause water damage. Some of the most common include household floods from water heaters, sprinkler systems, leaky appliances, and broken or leaking pipes. Additionally, flooding from extreme weather is also a risk, especially with the increase in the number of spring and summer storms we’ve been seeing in recent years.

    What to Do to Keep the Water Out

    Windows and doors are a common source of water that can result in water damage. Checking for leaks around openings can help reduce the chance of water seeping in. Check your roof for leaks and cracks or loose shingles or flashing that can let water in. Seal any cracks in your foundation or in exterior walls. Check your plumbing for leaking faucets and leaky pipes and inspect your appliances that use water to be sure they are water-tight and without signs of leaks.

    Water damage in Blue Ridge is as common as anyplace in the south for homeowners. If you do find water damage in your home, contact the experts at Can-Restore to help you clean up the damage and restore your home to living condition quickly and efficiently.