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  • Mold Spores Allergies: The True Story Behind This Dangerous Menace

    Mold on a sandwich vs. mold spores allergies in your home? No contest.

    mold spores allergiesMold spores allergies conjure up images of green sandwiches and science experiments. The truth about mold is much more serious, especially if it’s colonizing in your home and on your belongings. Here’s what you need to know.

    Where They Thrive

    Mold grows best in warm, moist environments. It reproduces by colonizing and creating mold spores which don’t need ideal moisture levels to live and can thrive even in a dry environment. In nature mold can be found in warm, wet, shady areas where it helps to breakdown organic material as it decomposes. In your home it has no redeeming value.

    Mold and Your Health

    The biggest dangers related to mold are when the spores are disturbed and become airborne. When this happens they are inhaled and can cause adverse reactions in people with normal health, but severe reactions in those that have compromised immune systems, respiratory issues, or are especially sensitive to mold.

    The symptoms most often associated with mold exposure include:

    More serious symptoms include:

    Testing for Mold In Your Home

    If you have any of these symptoms and feel like you may have mold in your home, a professional restoration company can perform mold testing to determine the number of spores in your indoor air and the concentration at different points in your home.

    How To Reduce The Likelihood of Mold

    Keeping mold out in the first place is a great first step. Using a dehumidifier to help control the humidity levels, making sure that any leaks or moisture issues are repaired, and ensuring any standing water or water damage is treated by a professional are all ways to reduce the chance of mold growth.

    If you feel like you might have mold in your home, or you know that you do, don’t try cleaning it up yourself. It’s toxic and you need the right skills and the right equipment to do it safely.

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