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  • The Next 3 Things to Immediately Do About Toxic Mold Removal

    Blue Ridge toxic mold removalMold is a common problem, especially when it’s humid. It’s also common if you’ve had a leak or a flood or standing water of any kind in your home. But when it comes to toxic mold removal, don’t sit idle while it becomes a danger to you and your family.

    Here are the 3 things you should do about toxic mold removal right now.

    Get Tested

    Mold testing and mold inspections are a great way to tell not only if you have mold, but what type of mold it is, if it’s toxic mold, what the concentration of spores are and how extensive the damage.

    Don’t Touch It!

    Mold in and of itself is not necessarily harmful. Mold is most dangerous when the spores become airborne. Toxic mold becomes airborne when the mold is moved or disturbed, which often happens during toxic mold removal if it’s not done properly by a professional.

    Use a Pro

    Professional mold mitigation specialists know how to address toxic mold, how to clean it up, how to dispense of it, and how to prevent it from growing and coming back. Toxic mold removal is not something to try a quick do-it-yourself fix.

    If you suspect you have toxic mold in your home either because of symptoms, smell or visible mold damage, start the cleanup process immediately by calling the Blue Ridge, GA Can-Restore now.