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  • Lingering Smell? Know When You Need Smoke Damage Removal In Your Blue Ridge Home

    smoke damage removalIf you’ve had a fire, you know what that lingering smell is like. It can make you nauseous and give you headaches as well as being annoying and aggravating. Here’s how you can tell when you need smoke damage removal.

    The Fire’s Out

    Once the fire is out and the air is clear, the cleanup can take place. But once you’ve cleaned up and the smell of smoke is still lingering, it’s a sign you might need professional smoke damage smell removal.

    You’ve Tried a Band Aid

    Sometimes the smell of smoke that hangs on after a fire can be covered up by burning scented candles, putting out potpourri, using air fresheners or opening the windows regularly. The problem is that these attempts to remove the smell actually just masks it and temporarily covers it up. Smoke damage smell removal is the only way to truly treat the smell of smoke.

    You’ve Tried Everything Else

    Washed your clothes? Cleaned the carpets? Wiped down the furniture? The problem with smoke damage is that smoke is made up of particles that cling to your furniture, walls, and belongings. Professional smoke damage smell removal is the only way to treat the cause of the smell and not just cover it up.

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