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  • Challenging Factors in Smoke Odor After Fire Damage In Your Blairsville Home

    fire damageWhen you have fire damage in your home the thing that seems to stick around the longest is the smoke odor. That’s why smoke odor removal is so important. Not only does smoke residue damage your home and belongings over time if not properly addressed, the odor can make living in your home an unpleasant experience. There are some challenging factors in smoke odor removal.


    The size of the fire can be a big factor in smoke odor removal. The larger the fire and the more area that burned is not the only thing that affects cleanup. The number of rooms, open doors and where the fire took place also affect how difficult it is to remove the odor. Where the smoke travels is determined by these factors, and the further it travels, the more areas it affects, the harder it is to accomplish effective smoke odor removal.


    What burned in the fire can affect how the smoke smells, hence, how the house will smell after the fact. Protein fires, for example, have a very strong and pungent odor and can leave a strong and unbearable smell behind. Smoke odor removal after a protein fire requires different treatment than after a wood fire.


    Smoke contains small particles that can travel throughout your house and then emit odors. Understanding the various techniques involved in smoke cleanup is essential to smoke odor removal after fire damage.

    Rely on a professional restoration company to help you when you’ve had fire damage. Smoke odor removal is a key part of returning your home to its original condition. Call for more information on smoke odor removal.  (770) 735-2695