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  • Storm Damage Services Confound You? Here’s a Guide to the Basics

    Blue Ridge Storm Damage ServicesHave you experienced a summer storm that carried a little punch? To your home? Yes, storm damage happens and it’s a bummer when it happens to you. Feel confounded? Fret not! Here’s a basic guide to storm damage services.

    Make the Calls

    The first call you need to make when you have storm damage is to your homeowners insurance company to file a claim and verify your coverage. The next person you should call is a storm damage services company.

    Assess the Damage

    Once the claim process is started, a professional restoration company can come in and assess the damage. They will give you an estimate of the work to be done, the cost, and the amount of time they think it will take.

    Water Extraction

    Most storms deposit water into your home in some capacity: be it a leak, a hole in your roof, a broken window, or a flood. Water extraction is one of the first and most important steps taken by storm damage services professionals. Standing water will induce mold growth and mold is incredibly damaging and toxic, so; getting the water out quickly is critical.

    Pack out and Storage

    When you have damage to your home, it’s often necessary to get your belongings out, either to make room for repairs or to restore what’s salvageable. Storm damage services include packing up your belongings and storing them until your home is ready to move back into.

    Restoration of House and Home

    Restoring your home and your belongings is an essential part of storm damage services. It’s not just about cleaning up, it’s about getting your house back to living condition and getting you back to life as you know it.

    More questions about storm damage services? Contact the Blue Ridge, GA local leader in restoration, Can-Restore, today.