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    What the Chimney Sweeps from Mary Poppins Could Never Tell You About the Real Soot Removal Process

    How hard could the soot removal process really be? When there’s been a fire and there’s smoke damage, soot removal will be on the cleanup to-do list. When we think of soot many of us picture what’s inside our fireplaces, what’s left behind after burning a candle, or what Burt from Mary Poppins had to…

    Are There Really Shortcuts? The 4 Best and Most Effective Strategies for Managing Smoke Damage Removal

    Do I need to do smoke damage removal by the book? There is a right way and a wrong way to manage smoke damage removal. And while we’d all like to find the shortcuts when something comes along that could take time and a lot of work, when you’re talking about smoke damage, our best…