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  • Toxic Mold Removal in 4 Easy Steps

    Are you wondering about how complex toxic mold removal really is?

    toxic mold removalMold removal is not something we want on our weekly to-do list, but it it shows itself in your home, the only option is removal. And quick. Don’t let mold sit in your home untreated, it is dangerous and toxic and can cause a number of health problems. Don’t despair if faced with mold and mold removal! Here are 4 easy steps you can take.

    Step #1: Fix the Problem

    Mold is almost always present when there is a leak or a flood or some other reason for water to be where it shouldn’t. Before taking the time to get rid of the mold, fix the problem that’s causing it. Whether it’s a cracked foundation letting water seep in, a leaky pipe that’s leading to standing water under a sink or behind a wall, or a hole in your roof that let’s rainwater into the attic, get your home inspected and get the leak fixed.

    Step #2: Block Off the Area

    When mold spores are disturbed, which they will be during cleanup, they become airborne and can travel to other areas of your home causing additional contamination. Before the removal process begins you must seal off the area where the mold is by closing off the room or rooms or by hanging plastic sheeting.

    Step #3: Get the Right Protective Gear

    Don’t touch mold and don’t inhale it. When cleaning it up it’s important to have the right protective gear to prevent exposure. A dust mask, rubber gloves, pants and long sleeves, and protective eyewear should all be worn.

    Step #4: Consider an Alternative

    Instead of taking on this complicated and potentially dangerous project on your own, consider hiring a professional. Restoration companies have the know-how to address the mold, and know how to keep themselves, you, and your home safe from exposure. Plus, when you hire a pro, you know they can do the job right the first time – and while dealing with toxic mold once is bad enough, having to re-do a botched removal procedure is much worse.

    Instead of investing a lot of time and money, and putting yourself at risk of exposure, let Can-Restore tackle your toxic mold removal project for you. Contact us by clicking here.