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  • 2 Things You Don’t Want to Know About Water Damage Repair

    water damage repair blairsvilleWater damage happens for a variety of reasons. A leaking appliance such as a washing machine or dishwasher, a leaking water heater, a broken pipe, or a flood can all cause extensive water damage. Water damage requires more attention than a shop vac and a mop. Here are 2 things you don’t want to know about water damage repair.

    1.  Speed of External Water is Bad

    Once water starts flowing into your home, whether from an internal source or an external source, it can take over quickly. Speed is a factor especially if there is a flood, and the damage can often be catastrophic, making water damage repair difficult if not impossible, even leaving a home in a state of total destruction. That’s the bad news. The good news is that that type of water damage is not as common as the more minor instances of indoor sourced flooding.

     2.  Internal May Be Really Bad, Too

    Damage from a flood can often require water damage repair that is extensive and long-term, however, water damage repair from an internal leak or water source can also be really, really bad. When there is a slow leak it can often go undetected for a long time. The longer it goes unnoticed the more damage it can do. Water can slowly run down the interior of the house, including behind walls and in crawl spaces, and can not only damage the structure of the home, but allows for the slow but sure growth and build-up of mold. Which is really, really bad.

    Water damage repair, no matter how major or how minor, requires attention as soon as possible to stop the flow of water, extract the water, protect the structure, and begin cleanup quickly. Can-Restore has decades of experience managing water damage repair. Contact them today to talk to a professional about the water damage in your  home, and then download our latest report on Fire, Water, and Smoke Damage for home and business.